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From vc123 <>
Subject Re: Performance issue for ActiveMQ Server
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2008 23:49:05 GMT

zaoliu wrote:
> I am tuning the performance of ActiveMQ broker for Queue by using three
> separate machines as producer, consumer and server. I got pretty good
> throughput for non persistent messages, approximate 20000 msgs/s. For
> persistent messages, approximate 4000 megs/s. But when I tested for
> message store of the server by using persistent messages, the result is
> unexpected. First I use the producer to send the messages to the server
> and no consumer yet, so the messages will write to the server message
> store. The ave rate for it is 3500/s. And then I stopped the producer and
> started the consumer to consume messages. The ave time for consume
> messages is 50 msgs/s and I found the rate is keeping going down with
> time. 
> Any comments or suggestions? 

Depending on your IO subsystem,  50m/s is what one might expect when using
synchronous writes.  Any writes other than synchronous make PERSISTENT
message delivery mode pretty meaningless since the writes would go (as they
apparently do in your case) to the filesystem cache and will surely be lost
if the broker crashes.  There is no disk on Earth capable of performing 4000
random IOP/s whatever the block size might be.  I doubt that you ran your
experiments on a high-end disk array with hundreds of parallel spindles.

So,  you need to understand your data flow first and adjust expectation

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