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From Jason Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: problem with messages 'pending' and redelivery, after broker restart
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 21:34:49 GMT

I tried working with the cleanupInterval (the default is 30 secs, not 30 mins
as I had indicated below)...

Not sure how to test....I sent a bunch of messages through, and then waited
5 minutes before shutting down the broker and restarting....I still see 2
messages sitting in the pending state in the webconsole (but none of the
consumers try to consume these)....

So, I'm thinking it's not to do with cleanupInterval?  

Although a little more explanation on 'cleanupInterval' would be appreciated
(as well as most of the other params that are pretty lightly documented)....


Jason Rosenberg wrote:
> I'm having an issue with amq 5.1-SNAPSHOT, when stopping and restarting
> the broker.
> I'll process a batch of messages through my application.  I'll look on the
> webconsole, and see that all queues have no messages pending.  I then
> shutdown the broker.
> Often, when I bring the broker back up, the webconsole shows that there
> are several messages back in the pending state.  Sometimes, these get
> immediately redelivered to the application, sometimes they don't.
> Sometimes also, if I then submit more fresh messages, these get processed
> fine, but the ones that were pending on restart remain there.  Finally,
> sometimes, the number of pending messages gets updated to a negative
> number.
> I'm using amqPersistence.  But I saw the same thing happening too with
> journaled jdbc/derby persistence (I didn't test that scenario too
> thoroughly though)....
> Anyway, I'm wondering if there are any ideas about this, does anything
> obvious jump to mind.  Are there any config params to try?
> I tried setting the syncOnWrite flag to true, that didn't help....
> I'm wondering about the cleanupInterval param, might that be something to
> reduce (default is 3 mins)...
> Anyway, trying to understand this is a bug (seems like it) or the desired
> behavior with the default config....something to do with optimizing
> performance?
> The message redelivery is the main thing that I'm concerned about....
> Jason

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