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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: I Really Want to use ActiveMQ
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 10:24:16 GMT
On 19/01/2008, cmagoyrk <> wrote:
> I began work with the 4.1 version of ActiveMQ, but initially experienced
> problems as all messages (at least their ids) had to reside in memory, which
> would not work for large data sets.  I started work with a Snapshot of the
> 5.0 release and after 5.0 became production ready, continued with that.
> I realize that some of the problems i am referring to have already been
> identified (the wrong enqueue count is shown in AMQ-1367) and have been
> identified for several months.  Perhaps these are not issues of great
> importance, or perhaps there is a lack of development resources to allocate
> to them.
> Am I misunderstanding how to use the product, or is it not really ready for
> production usage with respect to persistent messaging?

Its definitely ready for production usage; we've loads of customers in
production right now (and they have been for years).

Issues tend to get fixed by developers based on their itch; plus
there's zillions of different use cases and scenarios for working with
ActiveMQ. I'm sure AMQ-1367 will get fixed at some point; if its a
huge issue for you, we welcome contributions.


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