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From Eric Sammer <>
Subject Stomp clients and message-id
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 17:30:52 GMT

I'm working in a situation where I have Stomp clients (perl, using
Net::Stomp) connecting to ActiveMQ (4.1.1, java 1.5.x on Linux). I need
to use the standard request / response pattern with the reply-to,
message-id, and correlation-id headers. The problem I find is that the
message-id field isn't populated in the message object after send(). The
JMS spec states the following:

"When a message is sent, JMSMessageID is ignored. When the send method
returns, the field contains a provider-assigned value."

(Section 3.4.3, paragraph 2 of the JMS specification version 1.1 April 2002)

The problem is that the Stomp protocol doesn't seem to support a
response to the SEND message that would allow the API to return the
provider assigned message-id[1]. There is a provision for the RECEIPT
frame, but it seems to only return the receipt-id field, as specified by
the client; a kind of echo response confirmation which isn't rich
enough, in this case.

This seems like an oversight in the Stomp protocol, more so than
ActiveMQ. Am I reading this correctly? Should the message-id field of
the sent message be populated after invocation of the send method (in
whatever form it takes)? Should this be addressed with the AMQ team or
with the Stomp protocol team?

Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

[1] - The Stomp Protocol -
Eric Sammer
System Architect
CheetahMail, an Experian Company
+1.212.863.4642 -

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