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From "Mario Siegenthaler" <>
Subject Monitoring JMS-Queues
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 17:29:22 GMT
We're running an ActiveMQ-based messaging infrastructure with multiple
applications communicating over it. Everything is running fine, but we
want to implement an 'alert'-system in case something goes wrong. I'm
not talking about a broker failure here (that is already monitored),
but of application-related (or even business-level) 'mishaps'.

Things we want to detect:
 * 'overfilling' of a queue because the consumer-application is either
dead or simply cannot keep up with the message load. So basically we
want to monitor the queue-length and raise an alert if it grows over a
certain amount of messages.
 * messages on queues that're supposed to be empty in a perfect world
(invalidMessage-queues, dead-letters).
 * no messages are sent to a queue (f.e. measured via the enqueue-count)

I'm imagining some system that let's you input the assertions/policies
and the action on violation (i.e. send an email, send a message to a
queue) per queue and then monitors that.

Now, while I'm sure it's possible to build such an application (maybe
even as an ActiveMQ-plugin) I wanted to ask whether anybody known such
a system (preferably open-source)?

I think the requirement is common enough that an OS-solution could
(should :) exist. If it does not and we decide to build it, would the
ActiveMQ-project be interested in a donation or should be just host it
somewhere else and maybe provide a link in the wiki?


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