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From Maarten Manders <>
Subject Is ActiveMQ the right tool?
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 13:04:33 GMT


I'm relatively new to ActiveMQ and MOM in general and I'd like to find out
if I'm using ActiveMQ for the right job - and I have some newbie questions.

I'm running a cluster of webservers and I'd like to write certain events
(logins, logouts, etc.) to a central log. To do that, I'd like the
webservers to send event messages to a broker. A logging machine should
periodically fetch, process, aggregate and write those events to a log.

Since the logging application runs periodically (due to it's nature - it's
written in PHP) and hence messages are being sent asynchronously, my idea
was that ActiveMQ might do the job. Is this the case?

I also ran into some problems/questions:

1) Building ActiveMQ with Maven takes forever. I cancelled it after ~2 hours
of running unit tests and grabbed myself the binary.

2) ActiveMQ seems to block when there's no message in a queue. I was using
the Stomp PHP API (which doesn't handle this gracefully) and the REST
interface (which seems ignore the timeout GET param). Isn't there an easy
way for polling a queue?

3) Although I can see pending messages in a queue in the web console, the
REST / Stomp APIs block when trying to fetch them. Any ideas here?

4) Why aren't messages automatically deleted from the queue, when I fetch
them (subscribe in Stomp, GET in REST)?

5) Is there a better way interface to bulk fetch a lot of messages from PHP?
To me, REST seems to cause too much protocol overhead and Stomp just doesn't
work well - probably because of a poor PHP API implementation.
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