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From Eric-AWL <>
Subject Re: "Embedded broker", "network of brokers" and "temporary queues"
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 10:42:22 GMT

I'm french, so excuse me for my poor English.

I have two servers
	- ytsvmx01s
	- ytsvmx02s
Linux 2.6.21 i386

The two servers are connected to the same switch

ActiveMQ 5.0.0 is installed on the two servers in
/usr/local/activemq/release with root user

On the two servers, I have a user "test" with his home directory /home/test

On the two servers, I have
	- ClientAMQ.class and ClientThread.class	for the client process
	- ServeurAMQ.class and JmsSimpleListener.class	for the server process
	in /home/test

On ytsvmx01s I have
	/home/test/clt		a client environment
	/home/test/srv		a server environment

On ytsvmx02s I have
	/home/test/srv		a server environment

With user "test" on ytsvmx01s, I launch the ksh script /home/test/clt/test

This script launches 
	with ssh	a server instance on ytsvmx02s
	locally		a server instance on ytsvmx01s
	locally		a client process on ytsvmx01s

You will find in ytsvmx01s.tar all java sources,logs, properties, and
.profile from ytsvmx01s
You will find in ytsvmx02s.tar all java sources,logs, properties, and
.profile from ytsvmx02s
You will find in bugtemporaryqueues.jpg a drawing of this configuration

In logs from ytsvmx01s (server instance) you will find the error message
If I don't launch server instance on ytsvmx01s (only one on ytsvmx02s, it
seems to go better)

Errors are not always the same. It's possible to launch this "test script"
without any errors
but I often have such "Cannot publish" errors.

Thank You
Eric ytsvmx01s.tar ytsvmx02s.tar

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