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From ttmdev <>
Subject Re: "Embedded broker", "network of brokers" and "temporary queues"
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 18:18:51 GMT

It sounds like your embedded client broker connects to the server, but not
the other way around? Each of the embedded brokers must have a network
connector to the other (forwarding bridge) if you expect both to
produce/forward messages to one another. In 4.1, connections between brokers
are one-way only or half-duplex.

In 5.0, you can use the 'duplex' option to make a connection full-duplex or


Eric-AWL wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm new with ActiveMQ
> I succeeded in implementing a kind of Question/Answers protocol between a
> client and a server, using JNDI-defined queues and temporary queues
> (setJMSReplyTo, in the question JMS message and one temporary queue by
> client thread) for the answer.
> I have two different servers : 
> - the first has an ActiveMQ standalone instance and the Client Process
> which connects to the ActiveMQ standalone instance with a TCP localhost
> transport.
> - the second has an ActiveMQ standalone instance and the Server process
> which connects to the ActiveMQ standalone instance with a TCP localhost
> transport
> The two ActiveMQ instances are in a network of brokers.
> In this configuration, all is fine. Fixed and temporary Queues are known
> on the two instances and used on the two physical servers, by all 4
> processes
> Then, I tried to use an embedded VM protocol on the client and server
> process. I use a vm transport locally and a tcp network transport between
> client and server.
> In this case, the message generated on the fixed queue is received by the
> server instance (on the second physical server), but the answer can't be
> sent. I have an JMS exception on the server which says that the temporary
> queue created on the client doesn't exist on the server.
> javax.jms.JMSException: Cannot publish to a deleted Destination:
> temp-queue://ID:ytsvmx01s-54908-1201021101082-4:0:77
> When I use the internal web-site on client, I can see the temporary queue
> referenced by the exception. 
> BrokerName=ytsvmx01s,Type=Subscription,persistentMode=Non-Durable,destinationType=TempQueue,destinationName=ID_ytsvmx01s-54908-1201021101082-4_0_76,clientId=ID_ytsvmx01s-54908-1201021101082-5_0,consumerId=ID_ytsvmx01s-54908-1201021101082-4_0_77_1

> On server, the temporary queues don't exist.
> I use ActiveMQ 4.1
> Anyone has an idea ?
> Thank you
> Eric-AWL.

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