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From Yohan Liyanage <>
Subject Re: Is bidirectional bridging of two brokers possible?
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2008 05:27:46 GMT

vmatic wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed two brokers (ActiveMQ 4.x)  on which producers are  
> creating queues with identical names. At some point I need to  
> interconnect these two brokers to enable message flow between them. My  
> idea is to create a queue in the first one eq. out1.queue which is  
> bridged to the other message broker and named eg. in2.queue. This can  
> be easily done with bridging and everything works as it should. I also  
> need to send messages in opposite direction, from second broker to the  
> first one. I have tried to use same approach to solve this but I have  
> failed. Logically, problem arise while trying to start message brokers  
> because first one started complains with exception Could not connect  
> to broker URL: tcp://
> I have read posts that suggests using network of brokers to resolve  
> situations described above. But as I can understand in that case all  
> queues propagate through whole network of brokers. Which in my case  
> would lead to queue name collision since these to brokers contain  
> queues with same names.
> I am new to JMS technology so my apologies if I am asking to simple  
> question.
> What is best approach to bidirectionally interconnect to brokers?
> Viktor

ActiveMQ 5 supports bidirectional messaging. 

"From version 5.x of ActiveMQ, a network connection can be optionally
enabled to be duplex, which can be useful for hub and spoke architectures,
where the hub is behind a firewall etc."
- ActiveMQ Web Site

All you got to do is to set the "duplex" property of "networkConnector" to

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