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From James Mansion <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ thoughts
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:33:03 GMT
Hellweek wrote:
> When performing the test with C# consumers the  CPP producers fail.
> The CPP consumers do not fail with C# producers.
Perhaps the server should send one flow control message and require that 
the client
ACK it specifically before sending another, to avoid spamming clients 
that don't
understand the optional facility.

The original poster suggested that there were problems with the broker 
as well:

1. ... a slow client can bring the producer down and in some cases can 
bring the broker down. A miss-behaved producer or client should never 
ever take the broker down

2. A Producer that producers more then 200 messages per sec locks up the 
Broker when the Broker has only one client connected.

(me: 200/sec??? That' doesn't seem much to me, unless they are very 
large indeed.  One should look to saturate GBit ethernet on a smallish 
box and scale up to use a big slug of 10GBit too.  Like this (OK, 
that might be a bit specialised).  Or

Much of the post was about symptoms which suggest a buggy producer 
implementation: but is it really as simple as that?


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