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From Rainer Klute <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ thoughts
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 14:22:42 GMT
Roger Hoover schrieb:
> Can anyone confirm or deny the second issue mentioned (what seems like the
> slow consumer problem)?
> "2. A Producer that producers more then 200 messages per sec locks up the
> Broker when the Broker has only one client connected.  This one was the
> biggest issue to accept and the one issue that caused us to say ActiveMQ is
> not ready for a production environment.  The most basic and simple task of
> the Message Broker is not working as expected and makes the ActiveMQ
> unusable in a environment where peak message Generation can exceed 200
> messages per second.  To be honest we never even get close to 100 messages
> as it seems we die after 50 messages are fired in the same second.  The only
> time I am able to have producers producing without locking up or crashing is
> if I don't have any consumers listening.  Having a messaging system that
> works without consumers is not a valid solution."

Reminds of what I found out for AMQ-1490

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards 

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