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From Alan Williamson <>
Subject Memory Leak?
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 17:19:14 GMT

We are using ActiveMQ v5, and have found an interesting situation with 
our sending process.

We have just confirmed, that if we turn off the sending, then the 
process stays up, all day no problems.  If we turn on the broadcasting, 
then we get OutOfMemory errors within a few hours.

We sending around 3,000 MapMessage's per hour.   We are sending them to 
a temporary topic (one we create on startup, but it is the same name 

We use the code here to broadcast:

Nothing at all out of the ordinary.  The maps themselves are not at all 
huge, just a bunch of small string values.

So, questions

1. Is there any special switches we need to do?  We see the 
"optimizeAcknowledge" is defaulted to false already

2. As you can see, we create a Topic/Session on each call, should we not 
be doing that and instead reusing the instance?

thank you for any assistance


Alan Williamson
  "a wiki -and- a blog" @


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