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From "Daniel Pocock" <>
Subject ActiveMQ-CPP libtool issues
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 17:57:17 GMT

I've just been looking at the way libtool is used by ActiveMQ-CPP,
in anticipation of creating some Debian packages.

The parameters to -version-info are defined like this:
 current = 2 = current interface version
 revision = 1 = the revision of the library (binary compatibility is
preserved across revisions)
 age = 2 = the difference between the newest and oldest interface that
this library implements

The numbers above (2:1:2) are the values used when building ActiveMQ-CPP. 
It appears
that this is just the ActiveMQ-CPP version number - the libtool
version-info has a
completely different meaning.

The second and third parameters may not be correct.  Why?
- Is 2.0 and 2.1 binary compatible?  If no, then `current' must be
incremented, just
  changing revision is not sufficient.
- Setting `age = 2' implies that 2.x, 1.x and 0.x are all binary
compatible.  In other
  words, we are asserting that no function prototypes or struct
definitions have changed
  between between the current version and version (current - age = 2 - 2 =
0 = 0.x).
- For instance, if 1.x and 2.x are NOT binary compatible, age must be set
to 0.

It also appears that both -version-info and -release are used.  This may not
be necessary.  Having a unique `release' for each release that breaks
binary compatibility is a good idea.  However, does 2.x.2 break
binary compatibility with 2.x.1?  If not, then release should just
be 2.x instead of 2.x.2.

It would be useful if you could have a look at the Debian Library
Packaging Guide, particularly the section about choosing the
package name and numbering conventions:

Here is the libtool command issued on my system when using make:

/bin/sh ../../libtool --tag=CXX   --mode=link g++ -ansi -pedantic -W -Wall
 -fstrict-aliasing -Wstrict-aliasing=2 -Wno-long-long -g -O2 -version-info
 -release 2.1.2  -o -rpath /usr/lib 
q_cpp_la-ActiveMQConsumer.lo ...........

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