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From amaas <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ thoughts
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 05:33:39 GMT

I watch this thread with interest because I also have issues with activemq
and have not found any solution (using released version 5.0). I kind of lost
hope right now with using activemq.

I use Stomp for publisher and consumer. There are about 30 producers and 40
consumers each using their own connection. Traffic is only about a couple
per second with avg size of 500M.

1) Using AMQ storage, I experienced consumers block waiting for msgs when
there are msgs in the store and publisher submitting without problem. This
usually happens after half an hour or an hour after deployment. Restarting
activemq would fix the problem once (subsequent restart seems to lost all
msgs; the first restart showing 0 msg count despite non zero msg in the
This error coincide with the blockage:

2007-12-12 19:38:02,597 [] ERROR RecoveryListenerAdapter       
- Message id ID:prs2005-35745-1197487997180-4:28:-1:1:4 could not be
recovered from the data store!

2) I then switch to use Kaha storage. The same problem occured. 

3) I then try journaledJDBC with derby. I observed a different problem. I
saw errors and for each error I lost the msg. So while I was happier that
activemq didn't stop, I lost messages instead. The error in the log:

2007-12-19 17:00:09,826 [eckpoint worker] ERROR TransactionTemplate           
- Having to Rollback - caught an exception: A
truncation error was encountered trying to shrink BLOB 'XX-RESOLVE-XX' to
length 1048576.

4) I then try journaledJDBC with mysql. Right away I got duplicate key error
on injection. This is becuase I use virtual topic. Apparently for each
message there are two INSERT using the same record id. So I switch to
regular queue. This time I started seeing this error in the log:

2007-12-20 15:31:45,878 [eckpoint Worker] ERROR JournalPersistenceAdapter     
- Failed to checkpoint a message store:
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Already

I am really hoping I can use activemq with amq store (don't want to extra db
server to manage).
But I just can't get it to work cleanly for me.
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