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From yg_cvg <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ thoughts
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 19:57:15 GMT

Ah, I see.  That's different from the impression I was initially getting from
your post.  In particular, our clients would be Java servlets, so we might
not run into these issues.  I am in the process of making some stress tests
myself right now.

Hellweek wrote:
> Here is what I can say.
> With the exception of the issue that I have posted about here I can tell
> you that I am very happy with the performance of ActiveMQ.
> As our applications depend on some for of MOM all of our applications use
> a common MessagingLayer.  As such it took very little time for us to
> create this layer and instantly have our applications use it.
> I can tell you that the ActiveMQ is much faster then our existing MOM as
> such I was very excited about the possible improvments to performance.
> I think the issue I am reporting here is more an issue with
> Interoperability between C++ and C#.  At least thats what it is looking
> like.  A problem has been opened for this issue.  This is a very positive
> sign.
> However, I can tell you that you should invest the time in exploring
> ActiveMQ.
> yg_cvg wrote:
>> I am personally watching this thread with great interest, as we're
>> considering using ActiveMQ for a big highly distributed network, but we
>> have no idea how it would perform in such a setting.
>> Hellweek wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I know what I am about to post will upset a few people, however I think
>>> it is important that I document my experience with ActiveMQ in the hopes
>>> that others like me can have an understanding of the issues that you
>>> will face.
>>> A little history.
>>> I am not new to Open Source projects, have been involved in them and
>>> have sponsored the use of open source for many years.
>>> I have been working with various message brokers for a few years.  My
>>> first experience was with TIBCO EMS.  Needless to say I was very
>>> impressed with the stability and functionality of this fine EMS.  Next I
>>> had the opportunity to work with Sonic EMS.  Again I was impressed with
>>> this product and was even happier with its low cost of ownership.
>>> Over the last 6 weeks it has been my job to evaluate for our Trading
>>> firm an internal messaging system.  We wanted to use a EMS solution for
>>> dissemination of pricing data to our in-house applications as well as
>>> external clients of ours.  The messaging systems we are evaluating. 
>>> TIBCO EMS, MSMQ 3.0, SONIC EMS, ACTIVEMQ 4.1.1 or ActieMQ 5.0.
>>> How did each product fair?
>>> 1. Tibco EMS no issues with any of the stress tests and performance
>>> tests.
>>> 2. MSMQ don't even get me started with this POS.
>>> 3. SONIC EMS no issues with any of the stress tests and performance
>>> tests.
>>> 4. ActiveMQ can not make it past any stress tests.  See issues below for
>>> an understanding of what we saw.
>>> I have watched ActiveMQ for well over 2 years and 2 years ago the
>>> project was so filled with issues that I knew I would never be able to
>>> recommend it to the owners of the company.  2 Years later and I was in
>>> the position of trying ActiveMQ again and hoping that it would be
>>> stable.
>>> I was very pleased to see that many of the issues I saw with ActiveMQ
>>> had been resolved and was committed to giving ActiveMQ a chance at being
>>> our EMS solution for the future.  However, I can say after weeks of
>>> testing ActiveMQ Is still not ready for production use by myself and the
>>> firm I work for.  If you have high message throughput with high number
>>> of subscribers ActiveMQ is not well suited for your needs.
>>> Lets take some time to examine the issues.
>>> CPP ActiveMQ Client
>>> 1. A fast producer with slow clients can and will take down the
>>> producer.  From what I have seen in testing a slow client can bring the
>>> producer down and in some cases can bring the broker down.  A
>>> miss-behaved producer or client should never ever take the broker down.
>>> 2. A Producer that producers more then 200 messages per sec locks up the
>>> Broker when the Broker has only one client connected.  This one was the
>>> biggest issue to accept and the one issue that caused us to say ActiveMQ
>>> is not ready for a production environment.  The most basic and simple
>>> task of the Message Broker is not working as expected and makes the
>>> ActiveMQ unusable in a environment where peak message Generation can
>>> exceed 200 messages per second.  To be honest we never even get close to
>>> 100 messages as it seems we die after 50 messages are fired in the same
>>> second.  The only time I am able to have producers producing without
>>> locking up or crashing is if I don't have any consumers listening. 
>>> Having a messaging system that works without consumers is not a valid
>>> solution.
>>> Again important to note.  As long as no consumers are connected I can
>>> produce massive amounts of messages.  Once you connect a client massive
>>> issues start to happen.
>>> 3. Producers and consumers created on the same connection can cause
>>> deadlocks.  This is a major issue and the main solution is to not do
>>> this.  However, this is an unacceptable solution as it is my
>>> understanding this is an acceptable practice.
>>> 4. A fast producer with a fast consumer leads to resource creep.  I
>>> don't want to say it is a memory leak because it is not a leak it is
>>> just a very very slow release of the memory.  I should not have to put
>>> sleeps in a program just to insure that memory gets released correctly. 
>>> In my test I had to sleep for 20 MS between each message being sent to
>>> keep the ActiveMQ consumer running.
>>> 5. Placing a breakpoint on the message listener on a consumer will cause
>>> out of memory errors in the producer.  Why me setting a breakpoint on a
>>> consumer can cause the producer to throw an exception is unacceptable
>>> and leads me to think that a slow consumer can and will take the broker
>>> and or producer down.
>>> 6. Very confusing to determine what version of ActiveMQ will work with
>>> what version of the client.  Example ActiveMQ 5.0 was released this
>>> week.  However, no new client was released and no information on when
>>> new client will be released.  The CPP client just released a 2.1.3
>>> version that claims it should be paired with 4.1.1 of the ActiveMQ
>>> broker.  Where is the CPP client that is to work with the new features
>>> of 5.0?
>>> With all the issues I have I will not be able to go to a production
>>> environment with ActiveMQ, this is a shame as the people that have been
>>> working this project are talented people and should be commended for the
>>> work that has been done.  

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