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From Hellweek <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ thoughts
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 17:10:03 GMT

As promised I have created a c++ test program (TestProducerBug) that will
create up to X producers. The class that does the work is

I am created a C# test program (TestConsumerBugCSharp) that will create up
to X consumers using a MessageListener.  The class that does the work is

I have created a C++ test program (TestConsumerBug) that will create up to X
consumers.  The class that does the work(TestConsumers.cpp).

Here is some information on my setup.

Compiler MS 2005.

Running ActiveMQ 5.0 Dated Dec 7th 2007.  It is running on windows 2003
Server 64 Bit.
Running Java 1.6.0_02 this version of Java is 64 bit. (Problem happens even
on a 32 bit version of JAVA).

ActiveMQ Settings
Broker Settings (persistent="false" advisorySupport="false")

Topic Policy
<policyEntry topic="Test.>" producerFlowControl="true">
            <!-- lets force old messages to be discarded for slow consumers
              <constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy limit="5"/>
  <oldestMessageEvictionStrategy /> 


Client API's

CPP activemq-cpp-2.1.2-src
C# ApacheActiveMQ (Not sure the version but latest trunk).

When running these test remember to stop and restart the broker each test as
the test can and will cause the broker to hang.

Tests 1 -3 will show what is happening between the CPP and C# API.

Test 4 will show what happens to a producer when a consumer is in a break
point in the MessageListener.

Test 1
To recreate the issue build and run 

If you set the number of producers and clients to 10 you should see the
problem happen in less then 5 min (About 2,000 messages per consumer).
The producer will throw an exception place a breakpoint on the catch block
in the ThreadProc.  you will see the following information.
No valid response received for command: Begin Class = ActiveMQBytesMessage

Begin Class = ActiveMQMessageBase

Value of ackHandler = 00000000

Value of redeliveryCount = 0

Value of properties = Begin Class PrimitiveMap:

Begin Class PrimitiveMap:

Begin Class = Message

Value of Message::ID_MESSAGE = 0

Value of ProducerId is Below:

Begin Class = ProducerId

Value of ProducerId::ID_PRODUCERID = 123

Value of ConnectionId = 752afa01-c256-45c2-84ad-c74b0578f199

Value of Value = 19

Value of SessionId = 0

No Data for Class BaseDataStructure

End Class = ProducerId

Value of Destination is Below:

Begin Class = ActiveMQTopic

Begin Class = ActiveMQDestination

Value of exclusive = false

Value of ordered = false

Value of advisory = false

Value of orderedTarget = coordinator

Value of physicalName = Test.20

Value of options = Begin Class activemq::util::Properties:

End Class activemq::util::Properties:

No Data for Class BaseDataStructure

End Class = ActiveMQDestination

End Class = ActiveMQTopic

Value of TransactionId is Below:

Object is NULL

Value of OriginalDestination is Below:

Object is NULL

Value of MessageId is Below:

Begin Class = MessageId

Value of MessageId::ID_MESSAGEID = 110

Value of ProducerId is Below:

Begin Class = ProducerId

Value of ProducerId::ID_PRODUCERID = 123

Value of ConnectionId = 752afa01-c256-45c2-84ad-c74b0578f199

Value of Value = 19

Value of SessionId = 0

No Data for Class BaseDataStructure

End Class = ProducerId

Value of ProducerSequenceId = 19025

Value of BrokerSequenceId = 0

No Data for Class BaseDataStructure

End Class = MessageId

Value of OriginalTransactionId is Below:

Object is NULL

Value of GroupID = 

Value of GroupSequence = 0

Value of CorrelationId = 

Value of Persistent = 0

Value of Expiration = 1197392556357

Value of Priority = 4

Value of ReplyTo is Below:

Object is NULL

Value of Timestamp = 1197392551357

Value of Type = 

Value of Content[0] = 

Value of Content[1] = , check broker.

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\transport\filters\ResponseCorrelator.cpp, LINE:

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\transport\filters\ResponseCorrelator.cpp, LINE:

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\connector\openwire\OpenWireFormatNegotiator.cpp,
LINE: 105

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\connector\openwire\OpenWireConnector.cpp, LINE:

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\connector\openwire\OpenWireConnector.cpp, LINE:

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\core\ActiveMQSession.cpp, LINE: 675

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\core\ActiveMQProducer.cpp, LINE: 194

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\core\ActiveMQProducer.cpp, LINE: 149

FILE: ..\src\main\activemq\core\ActiveMQProducer.cpp, LINE: 108

Test 2
Now if you build and run

These tests both use the C++ API and works as expected

Test 3
In the CPP program TestProducerBug you will find a sleep commented out in
the ThreadProc uncomment this line.  Build Program.
Build TestConsumerCSharp.

You will find with the 100 ms sleep the application is stable.

Test 4
Build TestProducerBug remember to comment out the sleep
Build TestConsumerCSharp.

Place a breakpoint on the MessageListner in the C# program.

In very little time the producer will throw an exception.

Hellweek wrote:
> Hello,
> I know what I am about to post will upset a few people, however I think it
> is important that I document my experience with ActiveMQ in the hopes that
> others like me can have an understanding of the issues that you will face.
> A little history.
> I am not new to Open Source projects, have been involved in them and have
> sponsored the use of open source for many years.
> I have been working with various message brokers for a few years.  My
> first experience was with TIBCO EMS.  Needless to say I was very impressed
> with the stability and functionality of this fine EMS.  Next I had the
> opportunity to work with Sonic EMS.  Again I was impressed with this
> product and was even happier with its low cost of ownership.
> Over the last 6 weeks it has been my job to evaluate for our Trading firm
> an internal messaging system.  We wanted to use a EMS solution for
> dissemination of pricing data to our in-house applications as well as
> external clients of ours.  The messaging systems we are evaluating.  TIBCO
> EMS, MSMQ 3.0, SONIC EMS, ACTIVEMQ 4.1.1 or ActieMQ 5.0.
> How did each product fair?
> 1. Tibco EMS no issues with any of the stress tests and performance tests.
> 2. MSMQ don't even get me started with this POS.
> 3. SONIC EMS no issues with any of the stress tests and performance tests.
> 4. ActiveMQ can not make it past any stress tests.  See issues below for
> an understanding of what we saw.
> I have watched ActiveMQ for well over 2 years and 2 years ago the project
> was so filled with issues that I knew I would never be able to recommend
> it to the owners of the company.  2 Years later and I was in the position
> of trying ActiveMQ again and hoping that it would be stable.
> I was very pleased to see that many of the issues I saw with ActiveMQ had
> been resolved and was committed to giving ActiveMQ a chance at being our
> EMS solution for the future.  However, I can say after weeks of testing
> ActiveMQ Is still not ready for production use by myself and the firm I
> work for.  If you have high message throughput with high number of
> subscribers ActiveMQ is not well suited for your needs.
> Lets take some time to examine the issues.
> CPP ActiveMQ Client
> 1. A fast producer with slow clients can and will take down the producer. 
> From what I have seen in testing a slow client can bring the producer down
> and in some cases can bring the broker down.  A miss-behaved producer or
> client should never ever take the broker down.
> 2. A Producer that producers more then 200 messages per sec locks up the
> Broker when the Broker has only one client connected.  This one was the
> biggest issue to accept and the one issue that caused us to say ActiveMQ
> is not ready for a production environment.  The most basic and simple task
> of the Message Broker is not working as expected and makes the ActiveMQ
> unusable in a environment where peak message Generation can exceed 200
> messages per second.  To be honest we never even get close to 100 messages
> as it seems we die after 50 messages are fired in the same second.  The
> only time I am able to have producers producing without locking up or
> crashing is if I don't have any consumers listening.  Having a messaging
> system that works without consumers is not a valid solution.
> Again important to note.  As long as no consumers are connected I can
> produce massive amounts of messages.  Once you connect a client massive
> issues start to happen.
> 3. Producers and consumers created on the same connection can cause
> deadlocks.  This is a major issue and the main solution is to not do this. 
> However, this is an unacceptable solution as it is my understanding this
> is an acceptable practice.
> 4. A fast producer with a fast consumer leads to resource creep.  I don't
> want to say it is a memory leak because it is not a leak it is just a very
> very slow release of the memory.  I should not have to put sleeps in a
> program just to insure that memory gets released correctly.  In my test I
> had to sleep for 20 MS between each message being sent to keep the
> ActiveMQ consumer running.
> 5. Placing a breakpoint on the message listener on a consumer will cause
> out of memory errors in the producer.  Why me setting a breakpoint on a
> consumer can cause the producer to throw an exception is unacceptable and
> leads me to think that a slow consumer can and will take the broker and or
> producer down.
> 6. Very confusing to determine what version of ActiveMQ will work with
> what version of the client.  Example ActiveMQ 5.0 was released this week. 
> However, no new client was released and no information on when new client
> will be released.  The CPP client just released a 2.1.3 version that
> claims it should be paired with 4.1.1 of the ActiveMQ broker.  Where is
> the CPP client that is to work with the new features of 5.0?
> With all the issues I have I will not be able to go to a production
> environment with ActiveMQ, this is a shame as the people that have been
> working this project are talented people and should be commended for the
> work that has been done.  
> ActiveMQ+Issue.ZIP 
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