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From yg_cvg <>
Subject question about the store/forward algorithm
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2007 00:19:13 GMT

This may seem to be more of a developer question, but I think it applies
here.  We are considering using ActiveMQ in a large distributed network. 
The network is spread all over the world and consists of many small
"regions," each of which contains a few servers.  At any time, a piece of
data can come in to one of these servers and should then be sent as quickly
as possible to not only every server in the region, but to every server in
ALL regions.  So, basically, there is one big JMS Topic to which everyone is

I figure we'd organize each region into some kind of a hub/spoke thing, or
whatever, to ensure that the message gets sent to everyone in the region. 
Then, we'd hook up the "leader" (hub) ActiveMQ servers from each region
together.  The question is how to organize this network of leaders in the
best way possible.  I mean, it depends on the physical distance between any
given pair of regions, etc.

My question isn't this, though, but something that might help figure out a
good way to do this.  It seems I need to understand the ActiveMQ forwarding
algorithm if I want to figure out how to arrange the broker network for
maximum effect.  What is the exact algorithm used for broker forwarding of a
given pub/sub message?  I have read

but don't get exactly how it works, at least for pub/sub, as opposed to a
queue.  For a given forwarding broker, does the Message get sent to each
connected broker except the one from which it came, unless the Message has
already been to this forwarding broker (i.e., there is a cycle)?  Or is the
Message somehow kept on only one broker at a given time? Does it to BFS or
something cool like that?  Any details are welcome.

Any other advice on the general problem at hand is also welcome.  I am new
to JMS and ActiveMQ.
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