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From Daniel Pocock <>
Subject ActiveMQ and EJB3 - tested with JBoss
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2007 09:35:10 GMT

I've seen numerous postings regarding ActiveMQ with EJB3, and variations 
of a datasource XML file for use with JBoss integration.

However, they don't quite work.  Here is what worked for me, it is 
actually quite simple:

1. Don't use any datasource file - only the RA file is required.  Put it 
in the `deploy' directory.  The file is called activemq-rar-4.1.1.rar 
and it is in the ActiveMQ distribution (lib/optional/)

2. In JBoss, the @ResourceAdapter annotation must be placed on the 
Message Driven Bean (MDB).  This may vary for other application servers.

3. Examples I've seen elsewhere show an activationConfig with 
destination=<a JNDI name for the queue>.  This doesn't work.  Put the 
ActiveMQ destination name in the activationConfig.  There is no need to 
put the queue in the JNDI.

Here is a working example - for EJB3 on JBoss, no XML descriptors are 
needed, just the RA file and the MDB.

import org.jboss.annotation.ejb.ResourceAdapter;
@MessageDriven(activationConfig =
public class TestBean implements MessageListener {

  public TestBean() {

  public void onMessage(Message message) {



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