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From Viswanath Durbha <>
Subject Re: looking for best practices for High Availability and guaranteed message delivery
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2007 11:30:56 GMT


I can answer one of the many questions you had regarding master/slave setup.

I use ActiveMQ 5.0 snapshot version and I have successfully setup a
master/slave configuration using MySQL database. I followed the instructions
at  .

The master first locks the database and the slave is in waiting mode. If the
master goes down for any reason, the slave automatically comes up without
any manual intervention. So this slave becomes the new master. There can be
as many instances of ActiveMQ as needed all waiting for the database lock.
This would take care of the High Availability (HA).

The same can also be achieved using a shared network drive (SAN). The
details can be found at 

Hope this helps.


gfrank wrote:
> After reading as much as possible on this subject both on the ActiveMQ
> wiki and here in the forum there are a few questions remaining.  Hopefully
> someone here can provide advice and/or cautions.
> Background:  I'm working on a message processing system that must have
> guaranteed order of delivery and no message loss.  This system has a human
> safety impact so conservative choices are best.  Throughput and load
> balancing for performance purposes are the lowest priorities compared to
> solid reliability and resilience.
> Questions:  
> First, i see that recovery from a failed Master in a Master/Slave
> configuration requires both some manual intervention in moving the message
> store from the slave to the master as well as some incurred downtime due
> to a restart of all the brokers.  Is there a road-map item to address this
> situation and simplify the recovery process ... hopefully making it
> automatic?  Has anyone here experienced this in production as it is
> currently coded now and if so, how well does it work?
> How about alternatives to the Master/Slave choice.  Is there any way to
> provide message replication for safety purposes within a network of
> brokers?  For example, is there any option using a network of brokers and
> a single shared JDBC message store across multiple brokers?  I know that
> this just makes the JDBC store a new single point of failure but there are
> off-the-shelf database cluster solutions which can help address that
> issue.
> Finally, does anyone have experience with how Master/Slave and Network of
> Brokers holdup under the circumstance of network failure within the
> cluster causing multiple Masters, etc?  I'm concerned about situations
> that can lead to duplicate message processing and/or out-of-order
> messages.
> Thanks for any advice,
> Greg

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