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From cd <>
Subject XPATH selectors?
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 02:43:46 GMT

Hello and i apologise for posting what should be such a simple question but i
have been searching around the ActiveMQ site and the web in general all day
and have failed so far to figure this out.  

I am new to both Java and ActiveMQ and decided to use AMQ based largely on
the assertion that it would do XPATH filtering based on message content, but
i do not get any messages from a Q as soon as i put an XML selector on the
MessageConsumer. The messages are on the Q and if i remove the XPATH
selector or use a standard header selector i get the messages.

I would REALLY appreciate any hints anyone might offer toward finding out
why this isn't working.  I've been working almost 2 weeks on the assumption
that the web site documentation was accurate and i am not finding a lot of
other people having problems so i am forced to think i must be doing
something stupid.

I suspect i am missing a/some components in classpath but i haven't found
any docs about what that should be.  I have added
activemq-optional-4.1.1.jar to the CP with no effect.  

more details:
--i am using AMQ on winXP and JDK 1.6.  
--i simply downloaded the zip and started the server through the
bin/activemq.bat script.
--i moved the AMQ directory directly to the root in case it was getting
confused by long/spaces file names.
--i am sending the messages as TextMessage.
--custom property selectors work like a champ.
--i started with a well formed xml document and have slowly reduced its
complexity until all i have left is this simple fragment:
--i have tried every permutation of quotes, escapes, and syntax i can think
of to try and get it to use the selector.
XPATH '//testNode1[@name=''Bart'']'
XPATH '//testNode1 = ''Bart'']'
XPATH '//testNode1[. = ''Bart'']'
XPATH '/testRoot/testNode1[text() = ''Bart'']'
and probably a million more :)

thank you *very* much for your time reading all of this, 

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