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From kwark <>
Subject Re: VirtualTopic and persistency problem
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 16:16:49 GMT


I use the following to create the destinations when starting the broker:

public void startBroker() throws Exception {
    BrokerService broker = new BrokerService();
    ActiveMQQueue d1 = (ActiveMQQueue)
    ActiveMQQueue d2 = (ActiveMQQueue)
    broker.setDestinations(new ActiveMQDestination[] { d1, d2 });

I've just tried it with the static xml configuration like you suggested and
a standalone ActiveMQ broker, instead of my embedded broker (as above).
When I start the broker, I can see through JMX console that queues and the
VirtualTopic have been created. This is before I start any of the consumers
or my producer.

Unfortunately I get the similar behaviour as before and so no persistency
for VirtualTopics :-(

I get exactly the same behavior when I stop the broker by killing the
When I stop the broker by Ctrl-C in the window, I don't get the "Recovered x
messages from redo log" logging.

Some more info from JMX:

When I send f.e. 20 messages from my Producer, while only consumer for
module1 is started, I see the following through JMX.

For VirtualTopic.mytopic: EnqueueCount = 20, DequeueCount = 0,
DispatchCount=0, ConsumerCount=0 and QueueSize=0
For Consumer.module1.VirtualTopic.mytopic: EnqueueCount = 20, DequeueCount =
20, DispatchCount=20, ConsumerCount=1 and QueueSize=0
For not-started Consumer.module2.VirtualTopic.mytopic EnqueueCount=20,
DequeueCount=0, DispatchCount=0, ConsumerCount=0 and QueueSize=20

It looks like only the Topic is actually persistent and not the queues. When
the broker restarts it recovers the messages for the topic, but because the
consumerCount = 0 (no durable subscriptions) it does not add the messages to
the reference store and they are effectively lost.

Any thoughts?

James.Strachan wrote:
> BTW are you positive that the consumer queues are actually created in
> each of the test cases you're doing? i.e. when you start/stop the
> broker are they created up front before you send any messages? If not
> you might wanna use this...
> On 21/11/2007, kwark <> wrote:
>> I have a problem with VirtualTopics and persistency.
>> Consider the following setup:
>> I have a producer which produces messages to virtualtopic:
>> VirtualTopic.mytopic
>> I have a manager with an embedded broker and two statically defined
>> queues:
>> Consumer.module1.VirtualTopic.mytopic and
>> Consumer.module2.VirtualTopic.mytopic
>> I have two consumers, one for each queue defined above
>> Now everything works fine as expected as long as the broker stays online:
>> producer produces messages and even when one of the consumers goes down,
>> it
>> receives all produced messages as soon as it comes back online. Cool!
>> Consider now the following scenario:
>> 1) I start the manager with embedded broker, I start the consumer for
>> module1 and the producer.
>> 2) I let this run for a while and then I first stop the consumer and then
>> the producer. At this moment consumer for module1 has received all the
>> produced messages, but consumer for module2 was never started and did not
>> receive any of the produced messages. This can also be seen from
>> inspection
>> of the queues through JMX: queue Consumer.module2.VirtualTopic.mytopic
>> still
>> has x messages in its queue.
>> 3) Now I stop and restart the manager (broker). During restart I see a
>> Warning message that the referenceStore is not valid and AMQ is
>> recovering.
>> It also logs that it has recovered x operations from redo log.
>> 4) I also start the consumer for module2, however it never receives the
>> messages produced before the broker restarted.
>> Is this known behaviour? Did I forget to do something special?
>> Some more information. This was tested with both AMQ 4.1 and latest 5.0
>> snapshot. None of them produced the desired result. I use JMS
>> transactions
>> and producer is set to produce persistent messages.
>> I did some debugging when the broker starts and the recovered messages
>> from
>> the redo log are messages of the VirtualTopic.mytopic topic. These
>> messages
>> are recovered and AMQ tries to add them to the reference store for that
>> topic, which is a KahaTopicReferenceStore. When I look at the
>> implementation
>> of addMessageReference I see that it checks the subscriberCount of the
>> topic
>> and only adds it to the store when this is > 0. If I check the
>> VirtualTopic.mytopic with JMX I can see that this is 0, so it never gets
>> added back to the topics reference store.
>> Can anyone provide some more insight on how to get persistency working
>> correctly with VirtualTopics?
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