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From Viswanath Durbha <>
Subject Re: Reload Java EIP Rules
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 04:39:00 GMT

Here's what I read about AgentSmith.

1. It has an implementation of the java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation
interface and it also has a file monitor.
2. It has the ability to monitor predefined list of folders for changes to
classes. It can also monitor jar files.
3. It needs atleast Java 5 to run.

There are a couple of problems that need to be addressed if we want to use
this tool in ActiveMQ.
1. There doesn't seem to be any event notification mechanism built into
this. So this tool will automatically reload the classes as soon as it
identifies them as changed. So there is no mechanism by which we can stop
our routes and then reload our classes, and then start the routes again.
2. It needs atleast Java 5 to run. I assume that we are planning to have
this feature as part of 5.1.0 release of ActiveMQ. What JVM version is the
minimum required for 5.1.0? If it has to run on 1.4.2, then Agent Smith is
not an option for us.

Please let me know your thoughts.

James.Strachan wrote:
> On 19/11/2007, Viswanath Durbha <> wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick response.
>> I was looking at both JavaRebel and AgentSmith. JavaRebel seems to have a
>> very restrictive license agreement which may never fit into the Apache
>> License of ActiveMQ.
>> AgentSmith looks promising and it uses Apache License 2.0. I would look
>> into
>> it and see if I can contribute to this issue in any way.
> Awesome! I feel we might need to kinda listen to Class objects being
> reloaded, so we could tell the CamelContext to stop a route for a
> RouteBuilder and start another one etc. I've not looked into Agent
> Smith to see if its got some kinda notification
>> I just started using ActiveMQ and I feel it's fantastic. I hope I can get
>> familiar enough with it so that I can contribute.
> Great - I hope so too! :)
> -- 
> James
> -------
> Open Source Integration

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