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From ttmdev <>
Subject Re: High Availability and Load Balancing
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 19:03:44 GMT

ActiveMQ gives you this capability via the Pure, Shared File System, or JDBC
Master/Slave configurations.

These configurations allow you to set up a network of brokers that is
comprised of 'master' brokers, where each master is backed up by one or more
passive 'slave' brokers. If a master were to fail, one of the slaves would
jump into action and take over for the master. Your clients (producers,
consumers) can be configured to failover to the slave if-and-when the master
were to fail. 

Brokers can balance the message load across other brokers that have
appropriate consumers and consumers can be clustered so that you can further
balance the load across multiple consumers.    

Hope this helps - Joe

ktecho wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been reading the ActiveMQ documentation but something isn't
> entirelly clear to me.
> I need to setup a network of brokers with the following requirements:
> - I need all of them to be able to attend requests, to provide Load
> Balancing between all the brokers / servers.
> - I need that if one of them fails, its messages can be consumed by other
> brokers.
> Can this be done actually with ActiveMQ? If not, what's the closer
> approach to this scenary I have in mind?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Luis Miguel GarcĂ­a

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