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From ttmdev <>
Subject Re: Turning off creating of embedded Active MQ broker by ConnectionFactory
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2007 17:54:46 GMT

You can assign any specific xml configuration to your embedded broker via the
'xbean:' option. For example, the vm:// example below starts the embedded
broker with the configuration specified in the foo.xml file, which btw needs
to be in the broker's class path. 


Or you can specify an absolute path to any file


Or you can configure the broker through vm connector options. Here’s an
example client VM connector  that starts an embedded broker that is called
“embeddedbroker”, listens on the local port 6000 for incoming connection
requests, and has the persistence feature turned off

vm:broker:(tcp://localhost:6000)?brokerName= embeddedbroker&persistent=false

Hope this helps

Romantique wrote:
> Hello gentlemen.
> Is there any possibility to turn off creating (and starting) of embedded
> Active MQ broker in case connection string passing to ConnectionFactory
> starts with "vm://"?
> The desired behavior is exception informing that connection could not be
> created (provided no brokers were started programmatically within current
> virtual machine).
> The reasons of why this behavior is desired for us is the fact that we use
> specific xml configuration.  Embedded Active MQ JMS Server is started by
> our java application that configures it.
> But we don't want specifying of  "vm://*" in connection string lead to
> starting of ActiveMQ with default or other configuration. 
> Are there any properties or parameters of ActiveMQConnectionFactory
> allowing turning off this feature?
> Thank you

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