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From hbruch <>
Subject NetworkTTL filters AdvisoryMessages only after transmission
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 07:39:38 GMT


we are using a star topology, having multiple 4.0.2-brokers connected to one
central broker via a slow, unreliable network.

Network connectors are configured with a networkTTL=1. However,
are sent over two hops before they get discarded:

2007-11-09 07:35:13,733 DEBUG DemandForwardingBridge         - Ignoring
Subscription ConsumerInfo {commandId = 3, responseRequired = false,
consumerId = ID:xxx-4397-1194590104420-5:1:1:1, destination =
queue://TEST.FOO, prefetchSize = 1, maximumPendingMessageLimit = 0, browser
= false, dispatchAsync = false, selector = null, subcriptionName = null,
noLocal = false, exclusive = false, retroactive = false, priority = 0,
brokerPath = [ID:xxx-4397-1194590104420-2:1], optimizedAcknowledge = false,
noRangeAcks = false, additionalPredicate =
org.apache.activemq.command.NetworkBridgeFilter@61a907} restricted to 1
network hops only

Is there a way to restrict advisory messages to only one hop?
The network connector is configured to use the DemandForwardingBridge
<networkConnector name="B" uri="static:tcp://localhost:61001"
failover="true" prefetchSize="1" conduitSubscriptions="false"

It seems to me, that TopicSubscriptions from remote brokers don't have
NetworkBridgeFilter set as additionalPredicate. Is this correct?

Currently we encounter many irrelevant advisory messages filling up memory
fast since connections are unreliable and therefore consumers
connect/disconnect regularly.
As a result, the UsageManager.waitForSpace() steps in soon and halts the

Any help is appreciated,
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