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From "Jean-Yves LEBLEU" <>
Subject Activemq-web Consumer close hangs
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 13:14:23 GMT
Hi all,

I am experimenting a strange problem using activemq-web module.

I have a web client using a topic and a producer producing messages at
a very fast rate.
>From time to time I reset the connection by relistening at the web
client side at the same topic.
After some resets the consumer hangs, and my producer run out of memory.

I removed the client.closeConsumer(destination) in the
MessageListenerServlet class and every things seems to work well

 if ("listen".equals(type))
                        Listener listener = getListener(request);
                        Map consumerIdMap = getConsumerIdMap(request);
                        //client.closeConsumer(destination); // drop
any existing consumer.
                        MessageAvailableConsumer consumer =
(MessageAvailableConsumer) client.getConsumer(destination);

                        consumerIdMap.put(consumer, message);
              "Subscribed: "+consumer+" to
"+destination+" id="+message);

The problem can easily be reproduced by making a javascript loop whick
listen to the same topic over and over again, and using a fast
producer on this topic.

Did any one had the same problems ?

When I trace the problem it seems that sometimes the consumer.close()
method hangs in the webclient class.

Thanks for any tips.


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