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From "Jodi Moran" <>
Subject Configuring a network of master/slave pairs
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 16:31:18 GMT
Hi all,

I am trying to set up a simple network of two logical brokers, say A and
B, in which each logical broker is a (JDBC) master/slave pair, say A1 &
A2 and B1 & B2. I need to send messages only from A to B (and not B to
A): producers are connected to A and consumers are connected to B. I
want to use "static:" discovery for the network, since A and B will be
in separate data centres.

Originally I tried the following configuration for the network connector
in A1 & A2:
            <networkConnector name="bridge"
This worked correctly at first: the A master connected to the B master,
and messages were delivered from the producers on A to the consumers on
B. When I killed the B master to cause a failover, the B slave became
the new master, the consumers reconnected to the new B master, and a
connection was established between the A master and the new B master.
However, messages were no longer delivered from A to B over the network

Noting that this issue:
seems to indicate that the "failover:" transport shouldn't be used with
a network connector, I also tried the following configuration for the
network connector:
            <networkConnector name="bridge"
This configuration works correctly on first boot and also after a
failover (consumers continue to receive messages), except that there
seem to be duplicate messages delivered to some consumers after a
failover. Also, since B1 and B2 are never simultaneously available
(being a master-slave pair), and since this configuration causes the A
master to continuously attempt to connect to both B1 and B2, the A
master's logs are filled with exceptions -- so this would also seem not
to be the correct configuration for my scenario. 

Does anyone know the recommended configuration for creating a network of
master/slave pairs using static discovery? It should be possible
according to these threads:

Many thanks,

Jodi Moran
Distributed Systems Engineer
Frameworks Team 

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