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Subject Re: Crashing an AMQ producer in ~12 seconds
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 12:06:17 GMT
Thanks for your response, Saqib,

On Oct 1, 2007, at 6:24 AM, srasul wrote:

> from what i can see, you are sending persistant messages to a  
> topic, this
> means that if no one is listening on that topic, your messages will he
> stored (aka held in memory) until someone listens on that topic.  
> this would
> explain why you run out of memory. Essentially you experiencing the  
> "slow
> consumer" issue:

My reading of that document is that non-durable (i.e. non-persistent)  
topics can present an issue, but that's not my case:

"Non-durable topics are the scenario which is most affected by slow  
consumers since the messages are not persistent and messages  
generally go to all consumers."


"Slow Consumers can cause problems on non-durable topics since they  
can force the broker to keep old messages in RAM which once it fills  
up, forces the broker to slow down producers, causing the fast  
consumers to be slowed down."

Please note that the problem I'm experiencing is in the *client*, not  
in the broker.

> another issue might be that you are creating connections to  
> activeMQ for
> each message. this may be an issue on windows machines (atleast i  
> know this
> issue on WinXP) where it runs out of ports to assign for your  
> connection. so
> your might be better off using one connection to send 5000 messages  
> atleast
> on Windows machines.

I'm running on OS/X and Linux.


                                    Philip Jacob

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