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From Adam Sherman <>
Subject Advice Needed on Design
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 14:18:43 GMT
Good Morning All,

I am in the process of designing my first project using JMS. So far,  
I am using the Spring XBean support and ActiveMQ 5.0-SNAPSHOT to  
exchange some simple messages between two network nodes to get my  
feet wet and start understanding all the components.

I am now looking for some advice on how to architect this application  
and am hoping the list can help me out! :-)

The requirements:

- multiple nodes sending "process this data" messages ("web node")
- multiple nodes consuming the above messages and doing work  
("processor node")
- processor nodes broadcast messages containing status updates which  
need to cause things like email notifications and various other data  

Basically, I am designing a special-purpose video site where users  
upload video and it gets processed. The users need to receive a lot  
of progress information.

How can I have a variety of "listeners" for a event-style message  
(like "processing complete") but only have one of them process the  
message? (e.g. I have a pool of consumers that send notification  
emails, another pool that updates a status page and will eventually  
add more.) My understanding of "topics" is that you can't force only  
a single subscriber to handle each message.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions you can provide would be very helpful.

Thank you,


Adam Sherman
+1 (613) 797-6819 | |

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