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From Henning Sprang <>
Subject Re: receiving old messages when restartin embedded broker - problem with persistence/auto_acknowledge?
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 12:21:58 GMT
Hi Matthias,

spiiff wrote:
> Turning off the batchedStatements did not really solve the problem.
> Here is a bug description (from Jul 04, 2006 ! ):
> I think this was the reason for our problem..
> With this correction in the DefaultJDBCAdapter.doSetLastAck() :
> PreparedStatement s=c.getUpdateLastAckStatement();
>         	//c.getAddMessageStatement();
> our code works as expected...
> Why was this bug not solved before?
> Will it be solved with version 4.2?
> Is this bug already tracked somewhere? How can I check this?

It seems I am hit by the very same problem - I didn't find your post
because I rather searched for "resend", "resent" and such things, but
not receieving old messages.
So I also asked a question about similar effects some days a go, but got
no reply.

I wonder, in which version do you have these effects(I have 3.2.2), and
with which database?

I am still not able to reproduce the problem - it only happened to us in
production, but i don't get it happening on purpose - the very first
step I need to fulfil before trying any fixes. I tried your code (adding
some complettion to the fragments you sent here), aqnd an own test case,
but until now, I only get all messages exactly once - no resending after
the restart of the broker.

Thanks in advance,

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