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From Robert Cole <>
Subject ActiveMQ 4.11 and the 5.0 snapshot
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 19:38:54 GMT
I've been having problems with activeMQ crashing after x number of 
messages past through it. At first research showed it might be the derby 
back end so I put together a system to use a mysql backend with 4.1.1 
which doesn't work and research shows to use the 5.0 snapshot so I did 
and that works with the 5.0 snapshot.

So what we've found so far with 8 jboss instances sending messages 
through it which is our app base system our benchmarks and test app we 
built to test the crash base numbers are we can crash 4.1.1 at 33,000 
messages passed through it with a derby backend and with the 5.0 
snapshot with amysql backend crashes at just 3000 messages! It's worse 
yet we can't get a mysql backend to work with 4.1.1.

Any ideas on what you might need in information to help or what the 
problem might be?


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