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From David Lloyd <>
Subject Using ApacheMQ with SJSAS
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 07:02:31 GMT

Hi There,

I want to be able to use ApacheMQ with SJSAS (or Glassfish), however I'm 
not quite certain how to go about it. I'll state what I want to do, what 
parameters I have and then what I have read or done:

* Specifically, I have some PHP and Perl clients which will need to
   speak with the Message Broker

   - given that PHP and Perl both have Stomp modules of reasonable
     stability, it struck me that ApacheMQ would be a reasonable choice

* I have a predominantly Java financial system (which isn't going to go
   away) which will eventually be hosted by SJSAS, or for that matter any
   other suitable container


* It doesn't bother me if I use SJSAS' native JMS implementation and
   somehow bridge ApacheQ and it together

   - I'm prepared to sacrifice speed/memory usage for a seemingly
     contiguous message queue

* I'd prefer to replace SJSAS' native JMS implementation with ApacheMQs

* I may not know what messages or what topics will be placed over the
   queue; it might be an application error if a message is sent to a
   queue that doesn't exist but I certainly want to avoid having the
   message queue simply stop all messages if this happens

I've looked at:


   - and concluded that ApacheMQ can probably drop in *somehow* for
     SJSAS' native JMS implementation

   - to this point, I've looked at Ramesh Parthasarathy's Blog (1)

* I've managed to prove that my SJSAS' current JMS does work

   - using Netbeans I've managed to get the Java EE 5 tutorials' JMS
     examples working

* I've managed to prove that my ApacheMQ examples work

   - by using the example(s) in the binary distribution

I guess, what I'm asking is:

* Is there an easy way to just "drop in" ApacheMQ and disable/not use
   SJSAS' JMS implementation?

* Is there an easy way to bridge the two JMS implementations together?

It's highly possible I'm trying to do something that is _not_ possible, 
or I'm asking the wrong question or questions. It's possible I'm looking 
at the wrong information.

Any pointers?



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