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From Pat ES <>
Subject Re: JMX "browse" functions return empty
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 20:22:52 GMT

If it helps any, the customer is using Lingo
( to put the msgs on the queue. 
If anyone is familiar with that.



Pat ES wrote:
> My customer has ActiveMQ 4.1.1.  They asked me to create a custom 
> jManage  dashboard for them to easily inspect
> their queues.  The dashboard basically shows two things - the current
> queue size as returned by getQueueSize(); a list of all the messages in
> the queue as returned by browse().
> Everything works fine in my local and their test environments.  In their
> Prod environment getQueueSize() returns ~600 messages but browse() returns
> nothing.  I've confirmed this by using jconsole as well.  It's not just
> browse() that returns nothing but also browseAsTable() and
> browseMessages().
> The customer tells me they had this problem before and "fixed" it by
> switching to an XML serializer for both in and out.
> Has anyone seen this before or know what could be going on?  I'll admit
> I'm pretty new to ActiveMQ and JMX so it's entirely possible I'm missing
> something obvious (persistence, perhaps?).  For instance, I noticed the
> persistenceAdapter block in their conf/activemq.xml file is commented out. 
> Would that do it?
> Thanks.
> Pat

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