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From appi03 <>
Subject Persistence Adapter
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 19:28:06 GMT

I am running into something weird here. My configuration is as shown below. I
am just trying to get the persistence working but for some reason if I
comment out the memoryPersistenceAdapter, my producer thread doesn't produce
any messages and I get a heap error. But if I keep the
memoryPersistenceAdapter, it works fine. I am not sure what the
memoryPersistenceAdapter is doing but here is what I want. I want to persist
each message and i was just thinking of using "jdbcpersistenceadapter". 

Does anyone have an idea of how to use that effectively? I am kind of
running in circles here. Also, does my consumer have to be durable in order
to persist messages.

Thanks in advance.

  <broker brokerName="localhost" useJmx="true" persistent="true"
    <!--  Use the following to set the broker memory limit -->
    <usageManager id="memory-manager" limit="50 MB"/>

  <!-- Use the following to configure how ActiveMQ is exposed in JMX
       <managementContext connectorPort="1099"

    <!-- In ActiveMQ 4, you can setup destination policies -->  
          <policyEntry topic="FOO.>">
              <strictOrderDispatchPolicy />

              <constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy limit="10"/>
              <lastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy />


      <journaledJDBC journalLogFiles="5" 
dataDirectory="${activemq.base}/activemq-data" />     
      <!-- To use a different datasource, use the following syntax : -->
      <journaledJDBC journalLogFiles="5"
dataDirectory="${activemq.base}/activemq-data" dataSource="#mysql-ds"/>
      <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://"
/> <!-- discoveryUri="multicast://default"/> -->
      <transportConnector name="ssl"     uri="ssl://localhost:61617"/>
      <transportConnector name="stomp"   uri="stomp://localhost:61613"/>

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