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From appi03 <>
Subject Re: Help
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 16:27:50 GMT

Hey thanks for that example.

How does your broker configuration look? Currently, i this is what I have on
both computers

<transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://localhost:61616" />

 <networkConnector name="host1" uri="static://(tcp://"
failover="true" dynamicOnly="true" networkTTL="2" /> 

But for some reason I am only receiving half of the messages. I am thinking
something might be wrong in the way I configure my broker.

OB40 wrote:
> Hi,
> You need only one broker on one of the computers. I have learnt most of
> activemq-cpp from the online example which is decent
> ( I am also attaching a
> couple of noddies I wrote, one is a transmitter (producer) and the other
> is a consumer. I have built them on Ubuntu. To run them you will be need
> to set you LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib/ and to compile them you will
> need to add /usr/local/include/activemq-cpp-2.1/ as the include path in
> you g++ command.
> Best of luck.
> appi03 wrote:
>> I started learning activemq-cpp about a week ago. Right now I feel like i
>> haven't gotten anywhere. I wonder why? There is no solid documentation on
>> anything so to the new user, it's pretty confusing. 
>> Anyhow, I will stop my complaints. but, i need some serious help.
>> I just want to set up two computers; one producing messages and the other
>> one consuming messages. Now, do I need to run an activemq broker on both
>> computers? I believe the answer is no. So then, does anyone have an
>> example that I can look at to use it in this scenario.
>> If i need to run a broker on both machines, is that embedded broker? in
>> that case does anyone have a configuration example for that as well? 
>> Also, when I run the producer and consumer application. How do i
>> configure the connection factory? I have looked and I guess i am just
>> tired of looking now because i haven't found any pages on connection
>> factory. I am not sure how all that ties in together. 
>> Please help. So i can move on to bigger and better things like
>> persistence. I have something running right now but it just doesn't make
>> sense anymore. 
>> help would be appreciated.
> CppQueueReceiver.cpp 
> CppQueueTransmitter.cpp 

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