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From Fintan Bolton <>
Subject Difficulty with interoperating XMPP clients with ActiveMQ 5 (FUSE Message Broker
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 13:19:09 GMT

I've tried to follow the steps for connecting a Spark client to an activemq
message broker (as described in the XMPP page,, but I've found that the step,  "Join
a Conference Room", does not work.  I am using a Spark 2.5.7 client and
ActiveMQ 5
on the Windows platform.

Here's what happens when I try to follow the steps in the tutorial:

1. I start up the 'activemq' message broker, which has an XMPP connector
with URL, xmpp://localhost:61222. The XMPP endpoint start up without error.

2. I start up the Spark 2.5.7 client. Using the Advanced options, I have
already disabled the automatic host discover feature.

3. I log in to the server, localhost:61222, using an arbitrary username and
password.  This causes the activemq broker to log the following warnings to
the screen:

WARN  ProtocolConverter              - Iq Unknown  to: null type: get from:
 id: 0y8oX-4 element namespace:
 localName: sharedgroup
WARN  ProtocolConverter              - Iq Unknown  to: null type: get from:
lt@localhost/spark id: 0y8oX-5 element namespace: vcard-temp localName:

4. Now I try to click the 'Join Conference Room' button on the Spark client. 
Nothing happens!  Or rather, all that happens is that the little button
remains greyed out for a while (almost as if it's waiting for a response,
but I'm not sure if it's talking to the broker, because nothing is logged in
the broker command window).

Has anyone an idea what I'm doing wrong here?  I've tried using other Jabber
clients (e.g. Pidgin and Psi), but with those clients I cannot even log in.

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