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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Temp queue vs topic via message selector?
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 06:43:05 GMT
On 8/31/07, TOPPER_HARLEY <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are currently using temp queues for dispatching data to a number of
> clients. In this way each client gets only his own data, request response
> style. However we are having lots of trouble with the temp queues and the
> broker blocking.

Could you describe what this problem is & how to reproduce? What
version are you using? Are you hitting RAM exhaustion?

> We also have topics to dispatch updates to all clients,
> which are working well. Instead of a temp quueue for each client, we are
> considering using just one permanent topic onto which we would send all
> client response data, with each client using a unique message selector to
> only get his data. What do ye think of this approach, does it make any
> sense?

If clients come and go and their messages are meant to be discarded
when a client disappears then temporary queues are really exactly what
you need. Also lots of clients on a single topic with selectors is
much less efficient than using temporary queues. But either should
work in theory.

> We are worried that the throughput could drop off with all data being
> published onto the one destination rather than distributed across many(would
> each clients interfere its each others throughput), but we are hoping our
> blocking issues would be solved.
> Any opinions or pointer would be appreciated

I'd recommend getting temporary queues to work; as it scales better &
offers the big feature, that client-specific messages are trashed as
soon as clients disconnect.  There could maybe be performance issues
with the single-topic approach with 'slow consumers'; particularly if
its the same producer sending to all the clients. (e.g. 1 client being
slow could potentially block messages for other clients using the
single topic option).


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