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From dantelope <>
Subject Re: Virtual Topic not working as expected - defect, or misunderstanding?
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 18:07:42 GMT

James.Strachan wrote:
> Note that to re-enable the consumer each time you need to start the
> consumer on startup of the broker or add the
> Consumer.A.VirtualTopic.FOO queue to the startup destinations.

James -- since Virtual Topics were designed to get around durable
subscription limitations, I would assume it would carry the same semantic. 
Regardless whether I "re-start" the consumer or not, if I have registered an
interest in FOO at some point, I should never lose any messages sent to FOO. 
So if the broker goes down and comes up and someone sends messages to FOO
and then I come along as a consumer and say "I am back, can I see what's new
on FOO?" I should absolutely get the messages... however, as it is right now
in 4.1, it is as if the broker is treating consumer queues as
temporary/non-durable -- they are relevant only through the life of the

Since this differs from durable topic semantics, I'd say this is indeed a

Interestingly, it may have been fixed in the 5.x tree... perhaps we can
backport the fix (if I knew where it was) to 4.1.

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