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From TimDog <>
Subject HTTP Broker Transport Holding Dead Connections
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 20:20:10 GMT

I am using AMQ 4.1.1.  I've set the network connectors between brokers to use
the http protocol.  Everything works great as far as transport of messages.

Let's say I have two brokers mutually connected over HTTP.  Broker A and
Broker B.

Broker A goes down down unexpectedly.(A non-graceful shutdown)   When it
tries to reconnect to Broker B, I get the following message.(Addresses
changed to protect the innocent) - Network connection
between vm://brokerA#12 and HTTP Reader http://brokerB:80 shutdown due to a
remote error: javax.jms.InvalidClientIDException: Broker: brokerB - Client:
NC_BrokerA_outboundBrokerA already connected

It appears that the broker B never releases the connection.  When the broker
A tries to reconnect, broker B thinks it already has a connection to Broker

This doesn't seem to happen over the TCP transport.  Only the HTTP
transport.  My guess is that during a normal shutdown, some command comes
over the wire to tell Broker B that Broker A is going down and releases the

Is there a configuration for connection Timeout that I can set for the
transports?  Or a way to get around this issue, so that I don't have to
manually kill the HTTP connections in JMS?  Any thoughts appreciated.


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