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From ErnestPasour <>
Subject Re: trouble receiving messages from some queues
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 18:13:34 GMT

Nevermind.  I finally spotted an xml bug that was causing this.

ErnestPasour wrote:
> I have a distributed program that uses 2 message queues for communication. 
> Process A writes a message to Q1.  Process B reads the message from Q1 and
> later posts a message to Q2.  Process A reads the message from Q2.
> I am using ActiveMQ 4.1.1 as my persistent broker.
> If Process A and Process B are on the same machine (whether or not the
> broker is on that same machine), then things work fine.  However, if A and
> B are on different machines, the last step fails (i.e. Process A cannot
> receive the message from Q2).
> I have jconsole up and can see that there is a message in Q2.  However,
> Process A cannot seem to see it.  Restarting Process A doesn't help.  I am
> making a straight q2.receive() call.  
> Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be or how I can get more
> debugging information?  
> Is it possible to put a "bad" message on Q2 that cannot be read?  
> I am not using a message selector with my receive() call.  
> I have experimented and found that Process A can write a message to Q2 and
> then the same receive() call will grab that message.  But the message it
> couldn't read (from before) is left out on Q2.
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Ernest

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