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From jgunz <>
Subject Re: EIPs in the ActiveMQ broker and clustering
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 12:52:56 GMT

I realized after I sent my original message that I didn't specify what type
of clustering I was referring to. I think I understand how the routing rules
would work in a master/slave setup but I'm still a little foggy on how they
would function in a store and forward network of brokers. My goal in
clustering would be to scale the brokering (and separately the processing)
across multiple machines so I could just throw more CPUs at the problem if I
need to later.

Ideally I'd like to be able to add brokers or consumers without having to
configure each one specially (or at least only having to do so minimally).
So if I setup an ActiveMQ installation, if I wanted to improve the
throughput or capacity I could basically take the same installation and put
it on another machine and that's it. If I did that and I distributed the
same routing rules to each, would that cause weird message duplication as
messages were forwarded between brokers and each of them duplicated the
application of the routing rule?

In regards to OSGi, your suggestion is music to my ears =) That's precisely
what I was thinking would be an ideal solution. OSGi could potentially allow
a consumer application to install a routing rule in the broker so I didn't
have to statically configure them before deployment.

Thanks for the reply, I'm stoked to get rolling on using some of these great
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