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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: An interesting requirement about Queue-2-Queue transfer...
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 08:28:11 GMT
On 8/15/07, pplive <> wrote:
> I am a newcomer of AMQ, and I want to ask whether AMQ supports Queue-2-Queue
> transfer?
> Okay, here are more details..
> Two different machines, Broker A ( has a Queue
> AA(example.queue.a), Broker B( has another Queue
> BB(example.queue.a).
> Now,I want to send a message MSG to AA, and I want AA automatically dispatch
> MSG to BB, is it possible ?
> Namely,
> 1. I want AA automatically dispatch all  received messages to BB, while AA
> and BB are in different machines. 2. Plus, sometimes, some messages are too
> large and it will take a long time to finish transferring, I wonder whether
> AA will re-transfer the un-finished message to BB when BB is restarted.
> Thanks very much..

Sounds like you either want to setup a store and forward network
between the brokers

or create an EIP route from one broker to another

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