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From "Zarick Lau" <>
Subject Asking for advice on activemq configuration
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 08:56:29 GMT
Dear devs and users,

I've the following scenario, given that, ActiveMQ have so much of features,
I hope to my scenario can be solved using a specific configuration of ActiveMQ.

Would you mind give me some advice or pointers on this?

I've a centralized event consolidator, and a few distributed node
connected via Internet line. Each node will submit events to the
centralized event consolidators.

Currently, I just wired up all components using the central MQ.
The MQ reside physically close to the centralized event consolidator.
However, consider that, when the network is down, the node will not
be able to submit events.

What's the best way to avoid this problem?
Can I start an embedded broker on the node, and the node will
relay all message to the centralized broker. When network is down,
it save the messages in persistence store and re-sent it once
the centralized broker is reachable again.

Or there is some other cool way to achieve this in ActiveMQ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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