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From "Mario Siegenthaler" <>
Subject JMSXGroupID and un-acked-messages
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 22:05:20 GMT
hi guys
What's the expected behavior with messages that are not ack'ed (for
example because the MessageListener throws an exception or the
transaction is rolled back) and have a JMSXGroupID set?

Say we've two messages A and B that belong to the same message group.
 1) Processing of A fails. The consumer runs out of messages (until a
call to recover) and enters a wait state.
 2) Processing of A fails. The consumer receives B. The consumer is
restarted or recover is called and it received A. This violates the
message ordering within the message group!
 3) Something I didn't think of :)

The reason I'm asking is that we need to be absolutely sure that the
message processing within one message group occurs strictly in the
correct order, even if some messages have to be processed twice.


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