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From ttmdev <>
Subject Re: How can I find messages that have been unconsumed for "too long"?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:41:07 GMT

If all else fails, you can perhaps use a QueueBrowser to monitor the messages
on the queue. 


DominicTulley wrote:
> That was my first expectation - that they would go to the DLQ but they
> never appeared to go there.  Perhaps the bug you mention is the reason. 
> Having found this behaviour I went and did some searching - the outcome
> was that it sounded like brokers were expected to destroy the expired
> messages.
> I'll have a look at AMQ-1112.  Perhaps it's been fixed and I can get the
> latest snapshot and try again.
> Thanks,
> -Dominic
> Mario Siegenthaler-2 wrote:
>> AFAIK the expired message will be moved into the DeadLetterQueue.
>> Since you're able to configure the DLQ it should be possible to do
>> what you want (using AMQ5).
>> There's an open issue with expired message not being processed until
>> someone tries to consume them (The bug was AMQ-1112 I think). So since
>> your using selectors on the queue I'm not sure whether this applies or
>> not. I'd just give it a try.
>> Mario
>> On 8/30/07, DominicTulley <> wrote:
>>> Is there a way, either with filters or timeouts on queues, to get my
>>> hands on
>>> any messages that have been sitting in the queue for "too long"?
>>> My situtation/plan is to have a queue with multiple consumers.  Each
>>> consumer will be using a selector to decide which messages to consume.
>>> Under ideal circumstances, all messages will have a consumer that wants
>>> them, but situations can arise where a message doesn't match any
>>> selector.
>>> I would like to have some mechanism whereby I can spot that the message
>>> is
>>> at the "front" of the queue but after n seconds still hasn't been
>>> consumed.
>>> This allows me to arrange for a consumer to start dealing with that
>>> particular message type.
>>> I looked at the JSMExpiration header which sounded about right, except
>>> that
>>> on expiry the outcome is to destroy the message.  I would love to be
>>> able to
>>> ask the expiry processing to simply forward the message to another
>>> queue,
>>> for instance.
>>> I appreciate any suggestions.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Dominic
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