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From j0llyr0g3r <>
Subject Load-Balancing with a single broker across clusters
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 21:19:09 GMT

Hi folks,

i used the forum's search function and found some similar threads but now i
am more confused than before.....:-)

Imagine the following situation:

- some producers which all send messages to the same broker
- this broker acts only as a load-balancer
- between 2 clusters of brokers (each cluster consisting of 2 brokers with
shared memory)
- some consumers getting messages from the clusters

To illustrate this (i know i really suck at ascii-art.....):

__________ cluster_1     -->           consumer                                       
               \_______                                          /     
                _______   loadbalancer (single broker)   \     
producer  /                                                                         
cluster_2       -->         consumer

What I have so far:

- The producers and consumers
- the 2 clusters
- the single broker in the middle, but without load-balancing

So i simply connected the single broker to the cluster using a
networkConnector with an URI-list containing the 2 cluster-URIs.

Now i got two questions:

1. Is there a way to tell the single broker in the middle to act as a

2. Is there a way to check if this really works, meaning that the
message-load is evenly distributed among the clusters?

Thx for any help guys....

P.S. If one responsible for the amq-documentation reads this:

The  mentioned example in the documentation:

is slightly wrong, instead of 

<broker brokerName="slave" useJmx="false" deleteAllMessagesOnStartup="true">

it should be

<broker brokerName="slave" useJmx="false" deleteAllMessagesOnStartup="true"

Can be pretty confusing if you are a newbie and try the example only to
receive strange error messages....:-)

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