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From ddossot <>
Subject Diagnosing Distributed Queue Issue
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 00:29:16 GMT

Hi Guys,

I would appreciate some help in understanding why messages do not get routed
between brokers the way I am expecting them to :confused:

- I have two brokers (A and B), both with the same startup queue (q)

- On node B, there is an in VM consumer connected to q.

- At startup the nodes discover themselves: w/JMX, I can see a remote
consumer B for q added to A and similarly a remote consumer A for q added to
B (on top of its local consumer for q). Both the remote consumers are at -5

- If I send a message to q on A via TCP, I see its EnqueueCount +1 but
Dequeue does not change.

- If I look at the remote consumer in A, I see its EnqueueCounter and
PendingQueueSize +1

- When I look at broker B, nothing has changed.

I would really appreciate any hint to help me diagnose the issue and correct
what I have done wrong %-|

Thanks a lot!

NB. Using 4.1.1, embedded in TC 5.5, console is clear of ERRORs
      Brokers are network configured like this:

			<transportConnector uri="vm://${}" />
				discoveryUri="multicast://default" />			

			<networkConnector conduitSubscriptions="true"
				decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority="true" dynamicOnly="false"
				networkTTL="64" uri="multicast://default"/>

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