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From Ipraveen <>
Subject Re: Clustering Configuration
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2007 12:55:59 GMT

 i would like to use clustering in activemq, but i dont know where to begin,
so i think u can 
guide me how to implement cluster, what i have to do , pls 
replay me. u can also mail me on


Anthrope wrote:
> Hello,
>     We're using ActiveMQ for a high throughput application that has some
> pretty significant uptime requirements (not 7 9's, but more like 3 9's). I
> am looking to deploy ActiveMQ in a shared-nothing clustered configuration.
> I'm going to attach two minimal activemq.xml files that we're using, and
> would be most appreciative if anyone could take a quick look at them and
> let me know if they're correct. The intended configuration is for a
> shared-nothing 2-node cluster. Once I have the 2-node configuration done
> correctly, I can expand it to a n-node setup. In fact, we've got our
> address space partitoned in such a way that we'll need multiple n-node
> clusters on a grid/server farm.
>      FYI, these two config files seem to be correct, based on my testing
> thus far. The only thing that's a bit baffling is the Enque/Deque counts
> for our queues, as reported by 'bstat' are a bit off on the two brokers.
> However, messages are correctly delivered between producers and consumers,
> and I am able to take down and reintroduce both members of the cluster
> without any disruption to the clients.
>     We're using the 4.0.1 release, and hope to upgrade to 4.1 as soon as
> it is released.
> Thanks much in advance,
> Prashanth
> activemq.xml.stgactive1 
> activemq.xml.stgactive2 

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