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From igor_b <>
Subject Stomp & temp-topic
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 15:48:58 GMT


I'm using Stomp to provide message service between Java and PHP. I'm setting
message header filed (JMSReplyTo) with temp-topic value in Java, and than on
PHP side i'm using this value to send a reply to.  Problem is that when i'm
using AciteMQ temp-topic name ( e.g. ID:something-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx:x:x:x),
my reply message is not sent.

Is it possible to send a reply message to java, using stomp to destination:
"/topic/ID:someuser-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx:x:x:x"? I think that the problem is in
":" char, 'cause it's used in Stomp commands. Does anyone have any idea how
to solve this problem?

BTW i'm using this ( stomp client
for PHP.

i've tried, and in Stomp I cannot use any subject starting with "ID:" (like
with temp-topic/queue destination name) e.g. if i use subject  "ID:test", i
cannot receive back messages in Java (listening on the same subject). When i
put "ID:" in middle of destination name e.g. "testID:test", everthing workds
ok. I guess the problem might be on broker, something to do with parsing
destination string, but i'm not sure. Can someone, please, point me i right
direction in order to solve this problem.

Kind regards.

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