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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ vs ?
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 19:20:07 GMT
On 7/21/07, Chris Neal <> wrote:
> I am starting to work on a project that requires us to Post events from our
> ERP application. (Mine happens to be in IBM U2 (Unidata) and I have
> previously posted a message about the best way to communicate.  Unfortunatly
> there is no STOMP interface for UniBasic.  While Unidata has a CallC
> interface and it might be possible to utilize the C library for now we were
> just thinking of using the REST interface.

OK - though a UniBasic STOMP client would rock :)

> So, First up connecting to the REST interface.   So what is the correct URL
> for the rest interface?
> http://server:8161/ ?  When I look at the demo interface (of the 5.0
> SNAPSHOT) I see send the sendto post to
> http://server:8161/demo/message/FOO/BAR Is that the correct URL?

So its up to your web.xml to define the mapping; but yes in the demo
its demo/message/$DESTINATION

I've raised a JIRA to track the creation of standard URIs in the
out-of-the-box broker without using the Demo web app...

> Next up.. The test.. If I'm using a single JMS server (for now) and I send a
> message via the REST interface.  Next I stop the ActiveMQ server.. When I
> restart the ActiveMQ Server I don't even see the Queues that were created..

Destinations are lazily loaded as they are used. You can specify
exactly what destinations to start with via...

for more background see

> Let alone the message that was in the queue. (Even if persistant delivery)
> is selected... So without setting up a CLUSTER of ActiveMQ servers.   How do
> I get the JMS server to maintain the state of the messages?  (i.e. Don't
> loose them)

You don't loose them; the destinations don't appear by default until
you produce/consume from them.

> Thanks in advance for your responses.. and forgive me for being a JMS
> newbie!

No worries and you're welcome! :)


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